Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Supply in Ratoath and Ashbourne disrupted

Due to a problem at the inlet to Cushinstown pumping station at around midnight last night (15/11/09) no water was delivered to the Windmill Hill reservoir overnight. Caretakers solved the problem circa 8.00am but at that stage the Reservoir was almost empty. This will result in reduced supply to Ratoath today with lower pressure than usual and supply may not reach some of the higher areas. Parts of Ashbourne and Dunshaughlin will also experience lower pressure as MCC try to supply as much of Ratoath as possible.

MCC plan to supply as much water as possible into the area during the day and tonight they will curtail supply to the area to allow the reservoir to recover. The situation tomorrow should be greatly improved on today and by Wednesday normal supply should be fully restored.

Friday, November 13, 2009

FF treating older people like fools

FF treating older people like fools with dishonest statement on Community Support Scheme –

Fine Gael Councillor Regina Doherty, has accused the Fianna Fáil Government of spinning words on the community support scheme for older people which has been effectively closed since 21st October. Cllr. Doherty said Minister of State John Curran is only engaging in spin by claiming the scheme is open.

“The Fianna Fáil Government is treating older people like fools just like they have treated the whole country like fools for over a decade. Minister John Curran can play around with words as much as he likes but the fact remains that applications made to the scheme after the 21st October will not be funded.

“This keeps up his performance on this scheme, which provides security support for older people. It was announced on the 6th April then dropped after the Budget the following day and put under review. That review resulted in it being re-opened for all of 11 working days. Now the scheme is under review again, allegedly for re-introduction in 2010. That’s nothing to look forward to if the result of this review is anything like the last one.

“The truth is that the Government has been shamed into responding to this issue by Fine Gael. Of course because they’re Fianna Fáil their response is spin, not action. I can promise that I’m not giving up until I do get action and that’s the retention of this scheme for older people. The hole in the public finances is not going to be filled by shutting down low-cost supports for older people and it certainly won’t be solved by treating them like fools."

GaelScoil Rathto reaches final hurdles

With over 60 people in attendance at a public meeting last night (Thursday 12th) in the GAA Club, Ratoath, the Establishing Committee of GaelScoil Rathto updated parents on the progress made to date in setting up a new Gaelscoil in Ratoath.

“Based on the 2006 census, Ratoath has the youngest population in the country as a village/town and has seen its population increase approximately ten fold over the last decade said Cllr. Regina Doherty”.

The Department have carried out a study of the country to identify the areas where, due to demographic changes, there maybe a requirement for additional school provisions in primary levels over the coming years. This study indicated that a requirement for additional primary provision was greatest in 43 locations across the country. Ratoath was identified.

The forward planning section of the Department of Education having identified these locations think it prudent to plan for the establishment of new schools to commence operations in September 2010 and have invited all existing patrons to put forward there interest in patroning any new schools. We have applied under the patronship of Foras Patrunachta”

Although we are very close to achieving the establishment of a Gaelscoil in Ratoath we all recognise that we still need the final approval from the Department which we do not expect the hear from for a few weeks yet, but we are very hopeful that all our hard work will be rewarded.”

When we are successful it will see Gaelsoil Rathto added to the already superb providers of education we have in Ratoath; Ratoath Junior & Senior National School, St Pauls National School and Rathbeggan National School.”

Deirdre Donnolly. Avril McCarthy, Sean O Buachalla, Anita She[herd & Cllr. Regina Doherty

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Shameful FF Govt closes older people’s scheme only 11 days after it opened

Fine Gael Cllr Regina Doherty, has condemned the Fianna Fáil Government for setting the closing date for the Community Support for Older People Scheme as just 11 working days after it was re-opened. “They are just trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes by pretending they’re committed to the scheme when its quite clear that they are not”

“This scheme has been messed around with by Fianna Fáil from day one. Further grants under the scheme were announced by the Community Minister on the 6th April only for it to be dropped after the Budget the following day. Then it was under review until Minister Curran announced on the 6th of October he was lifting its suspension. What he failed to say in that statement is that the closing date for applications is just 11 working days later on the 21st October. Who do they think they’re fooling?

“The hole in the public finances is one thing but it is certainly not going to be filled by messing around with the Community Support Scheme for Older People which costs very little but can mean a lot to older people who often feel unsafe in their own homes. This scheme improved their security in a number of ways including monitored alarms and panic buttons.

“Yet again this jaded government this its ok to target the vulnerable in our communities, well we have had enough and I am calling on the Minister to reopen this scheme immediately in order to protect the elderly across Ireland.”

Chairperson for Meath Joint Policing Committee calls for suggestions and input into coming years Work Program

At the first committee meeting of Meath’s Joint Policing Committee Fine Gael Cllr. Regina Doherty was appointed as Chairperson. “Its is a great honor for me to Chair the first Joint Policing Committee for Meath.” The JPC’s were established by the Minister of Justice as part of The Garda Síochána Act 2005.

The Minister is strongly of the view that that policing our society is best achieved through a partnership process involving the Garda Síochána and the democratically elected representatives of the communities which the Garda Síochána serves and with the participation of the community and voluntary sector.

Each of these partners has its own distinct perspective and inputs to offer, and each has its responsibilities in ensuring that our society’s policing needs are effectively met – the local authorities as much as the Garda Síochána – so as to ensure safe and secure communities.

“We are currently compiling our Work Programme for the coming year and I would ask that anybody who would like to make a contribution or has any input to please contact me at my constituency office at 2 Glebe Park, Ratoath Co Meath or on my mobile on 087 2680 182.”