Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I am pleased to inform you that we have included in this years Works Programme the completion of the pathway from your estate, Carraig Na Gabha to Glascairn Lane.

Our Engineer came down to meet me last week, measured and priced the work required and it is now on the list of jobs to be carried our in Ratoath for 2010.

I do hope this will provide the safe passageway that you deserve to allow walking to and from the village or school a much safer experience.

I am available to you always; please feel free to contact me on 087 2680 182 or at my Constituency Office at 2 Main Street, Ratoath.

Assuring you of my best attention at all times.
Cllr. Regina Doherty

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Draft Roadworks Programme

Meath County Council are currently completing the Roadworks programme for 2010. This involves allocating
an ever decreasing budget for maintenance, repair and restoration of our Regional and National Roads.
The nature of repairs & length of road sections to be repaired is determined from a “Road Condition Index”
where each road is graded and accordingly the worst roads are prioritised - well, in practice anyhow.
This year, there is €100,000 allocated for Specific Improvements to the Inner Relief Road - Jamestown Road.
We have also agreed to Road Restoration for the cross-roads at Ratoath Village which is very damaged
at present.
A map of all road works will be on my web-site once it receives full council approval.


The following estates were taken in Charge by Meath County Council in 2009.
- Woodlands Park, Ratoath, Co. Meath
- Moatlands, Ratoath, Co. Meath.
- Fairyhouse Grove, Ratoath, Co. Meath.
- Clonkeen, Ratoath, Co. Meath.
We are currently selecting the estates that will be taken in charge for 2010. I am currently working to finally bring The Old Mill to a point where it can be taken in charge. We have been in contact with the Developers recently on a number of occasions. A complete snag list has been sent to the Developers in the last three weeks.
When these works are complete and as constructed drawings are submitted together with cctv surveys of the foul and surface water systems the estate will be ready to take in charge. This will probably take 4 to 5 months.

Completion of Path from Carraig na Gabha to Glascairn Lane

We have included in this years road works programme
the completion of the pathway from Carraig
na Gabha to Glascarin Lane.
I do hope this will provide a safe passageway to allow walking to / from the village or schools.

Joint Policing Committee

The purpose of a Joint Policing Committee is to provide a forum where matters that affect policing in Meath can be discussed and actioned. The members of the committee areMeath County Council, Members of the Garda Siochana, your elected councillors, your elected members of Oireachtas
na hEireann and local community groups.
The JPC (Meath) recently launched their Annual Workplan
for 2010. We have 3 main objectives for the coming year: (1) Meath JPC will focus on improving the safety and security of older people in Meath. (2) Meath JPC will seek to reduce the levels of Anti-Social Behavior in Meath. (3) Meath JPC will improve safety and reduce traffic congestion at schools in Meath.
A full copy of how we intend to achieve our objectives is available on my web-site. We will also be holding a series of Public Meetings during the year where you are very welcome
to come along and air your views. All update will be available on my web-site

Ratoath Traffic Management Plan

I have requested that a new Traffic Management Plan be introduced for the village of Ratoath.
I believe that large lorries and trucks should not be using some of our roads and roundabouts, as they are not fit for purpose and more importantly just not safe.
To achieve this, I will be meeting with our engineers, officials and local Gardai to discuss the possibilities and collectively we will come up with a plan and present this for display. At this stage any suggestions
or improvement measures you may have can be sent to me by email at or by post to Unit 2 Main Street, Ratoath.

Jamestown Inner Relief Road - Safety Audit

There have been a number of traffic incidents over the past 12 months on the inner relief road due partly to the the bad weather. Following this, I requested a road safety audit to be carried out. This was done in December by our road engineers and the report produced found that the surface of both the road and the speed ramps are of a “low risk” skid nature. We have decided to provide extra gritting during bad weather periods to ensure extra safety.

3 Extra Lights for Curragha Road

After 3 years of lobbying, I am so pleased to see the erection of the 3 extra lights required on the
Curragha Road. We now effectively have a well lit pathway from the centre of the village to the entrance
of Foxbrook estate.

Yellow Box for Clonkeen

At the request of the residents , I have applied to have a “Yellow Box” placed at the entrance to Clonkeen
estate, on the Fairyhouse Road. I hope this will attempt to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused during school opening and closing times.
The residents of Clonkeen have been exceptionally patient over recent years and I, as one of the parents who park there whilst collecting my children, am very grateful for their co-operation and kindness.

Spring newsletter

Welcome to my Spring newsletter. I am very pleased to announce the opening of my Constituency Office at 2 Main Street, Ratoath ( Beside main entrance to the church). The opening of this office symbolizes my deep commitment to serve the people of Ratoath and South Meath as a Fine Gael Representative. I believe having a Local Point of Contact will enable me to provide a more professional service to you and further enhance
the level of information, advice and representation for you. The minimum opening hours shall be from 10am - 12.30pm, Mon - Fri, however please feel free to call in any time the office is open.
The last year has been challenging. The impact of the recession, people losing their jobs and the bad weather has brought hardship of unknown proportions to so many families. It is obvious that if the economy is to grow again, businesses and entrepreneurship must flourish to provide jobs, and in order to do this they must be encouraged, resourced and supported by Government, something which the present administration is clearly failing to achieve.
I am convinced that the Fine Gael approach to the economy is the correct one, recognising that, at the heart of the problem
is the need to create new jobs and protect the ones we still have.
Please feel free to contact me at any time. Very best regards

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ratoath Riverwalk & Bridle Lane at Jamestown Park

The latest update on the river walk and Bridle Lane is that the OPW have agreed as part of their ongoing works to dredge the river this year. This is very welcome as it has been allowed to deteriorate
badly over the past few years.
We have also reached agreement with the contractor
who is currently resurfacing the Bridle Lane at Jamestown Park, that when they are finished they will landscape the lane way thus making it a more pleasant walkway for us all. I have also requested that Meath County Council erect street lighting along

Monday, March 01, 2010

People 4 People

People 4 People Ratoath is a voluntary organisation that we set up in November 2008. Our aim is to lend a helping hand to people in our community who might need it.
If you feel there is something we can do to help, just call us. We may do a good turn for you today, you may join us as a volunteer in the future. The P4P telephone number is 086 032 5795.
Special thanks to all those who supported our recent “Mothers Day Cake Sale” where we raised much needed funds.